General Information:

Because of the coronavirus restrictions we are not currently holding any public meetings : Worship servis are streamed on YouTube and Discussions are held using Whatsapp

We meet each Sunday for worship at St Peters Church: 10:30-12:00 There is a creche and Sunday School during term times and fellowship with tea and coffee and goodies after the service

We also meet on Thursday evenings. The meetings currently are as follows:

1st Thursday of a month: Church Prayer meeting 10am and 8pm at St Peters,

2nd, and 4th Thursday: local house-groupsĀ  8:pm may meet: speak to the leaders, John Raines for Liss, Sarah Liechty for Greatham and Pastor James Buchanan

5th Thursdays: to be anounced. To see current times and locations go to the events page

The Grass Teamcsn always use help - contact Hardings or Hoffmans if you would like to help

Choir Rehearsals:Each Saturday at L'Abri during the L'Abri term - Manor House, living room 8:30-9:30 am