Christmas 2020 Collection – Tearfund Coronavirus Relief Appeal


Millions of lives are at stake as coronavirus hits refugee camps and war-torn countries like Yemen, Syria and South Sudan. Please support our urgent appeal by praying and giving whatever you can.

As the situation will begin to ease in the UK, as vaccines become more widely available and more people are vaccinated, the situation is getting worse in other areas of the world.

Refugees and families who have fled violence and hunger now face a new deadly threat. Many are living in crowded camps with little access to medical care, clean water or enough food. They are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus.

But if we act now, we can help save lives.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has just launched an urgent appeal for help. We are joining with them and asking for your support to protect millions of people – before it’s too late.

Coronavirus has changed the world – it’s changed all of us. But what it hasn’t changed is our faith in God and our calling to live as Jesus commands us. We continue to love our neighbours, pray and take action, both in our local communities and across the world. We go to where the need is greatest, as Jesus would do. In some of the poorest countries life is already difficult. Many people are already struggling to get food and clean water, earn a daily wage and are at risk from sexual and gender-based violence. The impact of coronavirus and the lockdowns used to limit its spread are compounding the huge challenges people already face. If we act we can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and minimise the potential it has to destroy lives and livelihoods in the poorest countries.

How is Tearfund responding to the coronavirus pandemic? 


For more than fifty years we’ve been responding to disasters, and we’ve learned lessons which are helping us respond now. Tearfund is responding to the coronavirus through our network of local church partners around the world. Together we are:

  • Constructing taps and water tanks, and distributing essential hygiene kits.

  • Delivering emergency aid to the most vulnerable people and their communities, so people who are unable to work to earn money for food don’t go hungry.

  • Helping to promote the right messages to prevent the spread of the virus (particularly around good hygiene and sanitation).

  • Helping our partners to correct any lies and misinformation about the disease which can undermine efforts to control coronavirus and make people more vulnerable.

  • Adapting our existing projects, such as feeding centres and emergency cash assistance programmes, using our existing networks and expertise to provide rapid assistance to those in greatest need.

  • Encouraging people to pray for an end to the outbreak. We pray with faith to our God ‘who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.’ (Ephesians 3:20)


We are also in close contact with other humanitarian organisations to ensure we are drawing on the experience of the wider community.

What is happening to the work Tearfund was doing before coronavirus? 


We work in some of the world's most challenging countries, such as Yemen and South Sudan, and are well versed in adapting our operations to serve and protect those most in need. We remain committed to going where the need is greatest, working with the local church and serving the most vulnerable people and their communities. We are also reviewing how and where the pandemic will have the greatest impact in the countries where we work, tracking the science and listening to what local governments and partners are advising us. With this information, we are developing water, sanitation and hygiene programmes and livelihood activities to support the communities that we anticipate to be most affected. 

If you would like to contribute to our Christmas 2020 Collection in aid of the Tearfund Coronavirus Relief Appeal, please click on the Donate button then complete the form and we will provide further details of how you can give. Thank you!

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