IPC Office The International Presbyterian Church St Peters Church, Church Street, Liss, Hants GU33 6JY, UK Tel: 01730 624 169 (Country code 44)

IPC St Peters Liss

The St Peters Website on the old servers has been hacked: This is the beginning of the new site - please be patient as items are added

We are a group of Christians who meet at St Peters Church in West Liss our basic beliefs are those of the Christian church through the last 2000 years and can be summarised in the Apostles creed Our denominational history traces its roots through the 15thC and 16thC Reformation in Europe, England and Scotland

The name of our Church is St Peters International Presbyterian Church

Please use this Contact link to get in touch with us

Under normal circumstances we meet at 10:30 on Sundays at the church building and we have other meetings during the week

During the Coronan Virus pandemic we are operating retrictions: Weekly meetings are still remote using software. Our worship service now meets as well as being live streamed - see current details below - please use the contact page to tell us news and ask what you need

Sunday services will be held at 9am and 10.30am at St Peters church, Liss.

The 10.30am service will also be live streamed on YouTube, and available afterwards. Please see our YouTube channel (“St Peters IPC Liss”).

Due to coronavirus restrictions, please:

 Maintain 2m social distancing where possible, and only sit on pews with cushions or chairs, as directed.

 Use the provided hand sanitiser. A hand washing basin is available in the toilet.

 Please wear a face covering when in the building, unless you meet one of the government exemptions (this is now a legal requirement). Please speak to James or the deacons if you are in any doubt.

 Take your service sheet, and any litter home with you.

           Feel free to contact the pastor, James Buchanan, about any concerns -


, 07828 845084