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Some of the Missions supported by St Peters International Presbyterian Church - Liss

The Foundations Trust (formerly Christian Heritage)

In Spring 2022 we changed our underlying charity name from ‘Christian Heritage’ to ‘The Foundations Trust’.

We’d been reflecting on the limitations of our earlier name for several years! We finally made the change as part of an exciting restructure initiated by Ranald, who remains a trustee, and which included the addition of John Lennox and Lindsay Brown to our board. At that time the board also unanimously allocated the role of executive director to Tim Laurence, an existing trustee, whose first encounter with our work dates back to our 2003 summer school. 

The new name of the holding charity is deliberately low key. As we reach new audiences, we want to catch their attention instead through the names of the targeted projects which feel most helpful to them, and then gradually to introduce the contribution of adjacent projects.

For tourists this might indeed begin with our Christian heritage, through the work of the Round Church Visitor Centre. But for local students it begins with the Cambridge Christian Study Centre, with desks, library and daily lunch table discussion (led for postgrads each Wednesday by our former director Andrew Fellows).

Training seminars for the local church are delivered as Cambridge Apologetics, while guests and sceptics can be directed specifically to the cultural outreach events of Life in the Round.

Please see the link below explaining more about the Foundations Trust:

Ekisa – Rewriting the Story of Disability

Ekisa Ministries was founded in 2010 by two women, both named Emily.  Emily Henderson from Milton near Cambridge, UK and Emily Worral from the USA. It was after a number of volunteer trips to Uganda that they chose to start an organization to address the lack of care and services for children living with disabilities. The charity is a registered non-profit in the USA and is a registered NGO in Uganda.

As a Church we support Kate Tolhurst who is working in Uganda through Ekisa UK which was established as a registered charity in 2016 to raise funds in the UK, to support the work of Ekisa Ministries in Uganda.

English L’Abri – Greatham

Questions about how we should live. L’Abri is a Christian community who offer hospitality to people from all backgrounds and nationalities as we search together for honest answers to life's important questions, believing that Christianity gives us a basis for finding truth for every aspect of life. - About L'Abri

Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) 

Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) is an evangelical Christian missionary organisation which serves in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia on behalf of Reformed and Presbyterian Family of Churches and believers worldwide. Their work is bearing fruit for the Kingdom of Christ among the twenty-two nations of the Arab League and other Muslim areas in Africa and Asia.

Caring For Life 


As a Christian charity, Caring For Life is committed to practically “Sharing the love of Jesus” with these individuals.

Since the charity began in 1987 we have been privileged to help house and support over 6000 individuals and the charity’s highly effective model of care, which includes a programme of therapeutic daytime activities, has seen great success in terms of people achieving a settled lifestyle, and in many cases recovering from severe abuse.  At Caring For Life they find a home, a family, friends; life-long support, and through all this, the love of Jesus is shown. Many have come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and have found real peace and hope for the future through Him.

Please click HERE to view the Christmas 2023 Caring for Life short film.

Please click HERE to view December 2023 church prayer requests.

Mission Eurasia


Mission Eurasia and its in-country affiliate Mission Eurasia Field Ministries work in 13 countries of Eurasia and Israel to train, equip, and mobilize the Next Generation of Christian leaders to transform their nations for Christ through strategic, holistic ministry. 



Mission Eurasia’s mission is to train, equip, and mobilize Christian leadership throughout Eurasia, who will engage in indigenous evangelism, church-planting, holistic ministries, and church growth by developing creative and strategic ministries and by facilitating partnerships between nationals and Western Christians.


Our vision is to evangelize, train, equip, and mobilize the Next Generation in the countries of Eurasia and Israel to lead the church in transforming their nations for Christ.

Good News For Everyone, formerly known as Gideons UK

Work has not stopped for Good News for Everyone, formerly known as Gideons UK, during the lockdowns. The Association held its annual convention in April via u tube. Very encouraging and informative reports told of the activities that have taken place during the last year. There has been a wide distribution of the Hope magazine, a glossy publication containing verses from the Psalms and the Gospel of John, on-going work with schools via videos and the distribution of Testaments.

The Association has several new partners such as the Evangelical Alliance and Share Word Global, formerly Canadian Gideons. Working with our partners, several teams from the UK have gone out to Chile, Peru, Uganda, to work with churches in Evangelism. We praise God for the many conversions that occurred and the discipleship of these new Christians by the churches after the teams left.  


There is a focus on Eastern Europe and it is hoped to send teams out to Serbia and Macedonia in 2022.

Nearer home, the East Hants Branch works hard to continue our main activity of placing testaments in schools. We prepared videos during lockdown and have so far distributed to three schools along with Testaments for the staff to hand out to those who want one. Hope magazine has been given out to care homes, and various groups in the community.

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