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St Peters IPC Earthquake – Disaster Relief Appeal

UPDATE - Update 18 Feb 2023

Medair: Working around the clock in Syria to save lives

In a crowded collective shelter in Aleppo, Syria that was once a basketball stadium, two young sisters – only one of whom has shoes – play a game involving a coffee cup, oblivious to the noise of other displaced families around them. 

In a park packed with families seeking safety, a man drives up and distributes food before quietly driving away again. 

They are small, bright sparks of hope in a terrible, heart-breaking, and overwhelming situation. 

Where the need is the greatest

As aid slowly trickles into Syria due to its long-running conflict, we are grateful for our teams who have been working in Aleppo and Hama governorates, two of the most heavily impacted areas of Syria, since 2016. They are working relentlessly to respond to the overwhelming needs following this disaster. 

              We have reopened our three clinics in Aleppo and will offer 24/7 treatment to those injured in the          earthquakes, as well as mental health support to those reeling from the shock. 


               We continue to distribute essential items such as blankets, diapers, and hygiene kits.

               Despite the difficulty in getting items into the country, we are providing tents to the many people who are afraid to seek shelter inside. 


MEDAIR - Syria and Turkey Shaken by Earthquake: Aid Scaling Up Quickly










UPDATE - Update 11 Feb 2023

St Peters IPC Earthquake – Disaster Relief Appeal

Following the shocking news of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we as a Church have decided we would like to launch an appeal for the people affected by Earthquake.

We intend to give our support via Medair who are working with the Earthquake victims in Syria. 

Medair is an international humanitarian organisation that provides emergency relief and recovery services to families affected by conflict, natural disasters, and other crises.

Medair say ‘We believe that shelter and warmth are going to be among the greatest needs in the coming days and weeks.  Our priority will be conducting needs assessments and providing emergency relief as fast as we can.’

Medair has been working in Syria since 2015, providing urgently needed health, safe water and sanitation, and shelter and infrastructure to families and communities affected by the Syria crisis.

If you would like to contribute to the St Peters IPC Earthquake – Disaster Relief Appeal please see the attached St Peters IPC - Liss Earthquake Appeal Ways to Give

What's Going On with the Earthquake? 

















Thank you for your support

St Peters IPC

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