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Westminster Divines: modernisations
by John Barrs
Please remember that these are private documents and are copyrighted.
Although the copyright belongs to John Barrs; these Westminster Documents are presented as a gift to God's people wherever they might be for their learning and edification.  They are in a state of continuing adjustment.  They may be used as you see fit.
I merely request that you do not change what is written when you quote from them, and acknowledge the source if you use them in any way.  Please read the introductions which will explain what I am trying to do.
The Summary of Saving Knowledge and the Catechisms Shorter and Larger are merely translations into contemporary English from 17C English of the Westminster Divines meeting at parliament's request in the 1640s. In the case of the Westminster Confession of Faith itself the document I present here is not merely a translation into modern English but an exegesis attempting to really get at the meaning. The intent is to exalt our wonderful God.
Sum of Saving Knowledge - a 3 page summary of the Christian faith - absolutely wonderful and exciting to realize God's love for us. "NB there are some changes to the original in content and these have not been marked up as 'JB Notes' eg. the section on understandings about baptism is clearly intended by me to be for a church of the same persuasion as my own church which allows that children may be baptized."
Westminster Confession of Faith -this is a document that is in progress. it consists of the complete third draft of my modernization. Please always read the Introduction because it explains what I am attempting to do. Any additions or extra notes are always marked up as 'JB Notes'.
Westminster Shorter & Larger Catechism 
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